Save the Ganga River. Support the National Ganga Rights Act.

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The Ganga’s Rights are Our Rights! Together, we can stop the death and destruction of a lifeline that supports some 500 million people.The Ganga River provides the very foundation of our civilization. It is fundamental for the health and livelihoods of our citizens and the continuity of our unique flora and fauna. Yet it is severely threatened, and its ecosystem is on the brink of collapse.To protect our majestic Ganga, join people across India and around the world in supporting the National Ganga Rights Act by signing this petition. Your actions can help reclaim the rights of a river that nearly half of India depends on for water, subsistence and life itself.
To make signing easier, the National Ganga Rights Movement has placed two petitions online. Please select your favorite option, and tell your friends.On Sign our Petition for Ganga’s Rights

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