A Lifeline In Trouble

Solid WasteThe beautiful Ganga is one of the most at-risk rivers in the world. Every day, it is polluted by some three billion liters of sewage and chemical waste, threatening the health and lives of millions.

Its ecology, containing some of the world’s rarest plants and wildlife, is under similar threat. Forests are being looted for their wood. Animals, plundered for their skins. All the while, vast populations suffer from the lack of clean water and proper sanitation.

By putting the Ganga in such serious peril, we are risking the health of each of the 500,000 men, women and children that live alongside the river.

  • Many parts of the Ganga have become cancer hotspots due the nearly one billion liters of toxic chemicals that are dumped into it every day
  • In Varanasi alone, a dip in the holy city’s waters will mean that almost 7 in 10 people will contract a water-borne illness such as typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. This is because nearly 2 billion liters of raw sewage contaminates our beloved National River every day.

Many have no choice but to drink water that grows ever-more toxic. The Ganga is their only source of water – no matter how dangerous it is to consume.

GangaActions against the Ganga result in the extreme harm and destruction of people, medicinal plants, rare animals, and pristine environments admired around the world. For these reasons, the Ganga’s rights are also human rights.

Join us in defending the Ganga by supporting the National Ganga River Rights Act.

Together, we can work towards a cleaner, greener Ganga and healthier future for generations to come.