Students Rally for Ganga's Rights

5.000 Students Rally for Ganga’s Rights

The National Ganga River Rights movement is a coalition of concerned citizens and organizations that are taking a stand on behalf of the Ganga River and its tributaries–while there is still time.

For far too long, people have said there is nothing that can be done. But all the while, the water that nourishes us has become so polluted that it has become a hot-spot for cancers and other deadly diseases, such as Typhoid and Cholera. The beautiful river that has inspired poets and sages, if we don’t do something soon, could very well become an open sewer.

As a coalition, we bring a new and strong voice, backed by the successes in nations such as Ecuador, New Zealand and the United States.  But we need you to help us make the change.

Our Parters Include:
Ganga Action Parivar,
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF),
Action Aid India,